FCS Food on the Corner Society is a “faith based organization.” We believe that since Jesus Christ called us to “feed His sheep,” He is able to supply all of our needs as we come before Him in prayer. The Society is not funded by any municipal, provincial or federal government. The Society receives support from individuals, churches, businesses, service organizations and foundations. The Society comprises of 100 percent volunteers- we have no paid staff.

FCS Food on the Corner Society is a:

  • Non-Profit Organization, organized under the Laws of British Columbia in May of 1990.
  • CRA Registered Canadian Charity No. 891383341RR001

FCS Food on the Corner Society has a yearly financial audit done by an outside reputable accounting firm. 

FCS Food on the Corner Society strives to serve in the best interests of the following groups. We appreciate their participation, compassion and commitment.  

  • Our Volunteers - The diversity of our volunteers brings strength to our Society. Involved in every aspect of our service, they have a heart of love, willingness and desire to help reach "the lost."
  • Our Donors - Loyal donors express their compassion for those in need through supporting FCS Food on the Corner Society.   
  • Our Directors – We are fortunate to be governed by a Board of Directors that provides expertise and ensures FCS Food on the Corner Society fulfills its God-given mandate.  They give guidance and direction for the overall operation of the Society.